Smart3D Volümetrik Tomografi (CBCT)

1.Flexible Field-of-view 3D Imaging for options
With its spherical volume of 15 cm in diameter, Smart3D is able to capture the anatomic structures of the craniofacial region and jaw. With small field of view option, it can indicate precise information of lesion.
2.Top level configurations and advanced technologies for high quality image
0.05mm minifocus X-ray tube, world-leading 27μm CCD ceph sensor and self-owned algorithm guarantees 0.075mm minimum voxel size and 2.0lp/mm spatial resolution.
3.TrueMAR correction module for metal artifact removal
Self-developed reconstruction software SmartV creates a detailed representation without high-density materials effect.
4.Unique design for radiation doses minimization
Six laser beam for easy positioning, 360Degree images for accurate scanning, zero dose presentation mode and optional scanning mode, all these helps radiation doses minimization.
5.Powerful Data Sharing Function
All bodies concerning clinical case are able to share images and expertise.